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The perfect eyebrows

In today’s post we’re going to talk about eyebrows. It’s amazing what eyebrows can do for your face, the right shape and colour can really lift you face. Having nice eyebrows for your wedding is especially important since you are going to be photographed a lot and you want to look your prettiest 🙂

If you are not sure about which eyebrow shape you should go for or if you find it difficult to shape your eyebrows yourself, I suggest you let a professional help you, and after that it’s easy for you to follow the shape at home.

Same as for hairstyles and makeup eyebrows also have their own fashion that comes and goes, although nowadays we advice you to have the shape you feel most comfortable in and suits you the best. Here are a few examples of different eyebrow fashions over the decades:

In the 1920’s the eyebrows were suppoused to be very thin and arched.

In the 1960’s women wanted natural looking eyebrows, but strangely enough many shaved their entire eyebrow off and pencil them back on again.

Today 2014 the eyebrow fashion is big, bushy eyebrows that still has a nice shape but is definitely not plucked too much.

If you have any questions regarding your eyebrows or want to book a consultation and at the same time having your eyebrows taking care of, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

(Photos and info of eyebrows www.thefaboloustimes.com)

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Catrin Söderdahl, Professional hair and makeup artist, Absolutely Goregous BCN/STHLM

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