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Meet Brudepikene – Wedding planner from Norway

You might remember a few Norwegian brides we’ve blogged about earlier. Organizing those weddings most of the times are  Brudepikene – a wedding planner from Norway. We’ve talked to Marit from Brudepikene and she is here answering a few questions to tell us a little bit more about themselves.

1. How and when did you start and what service do you offer?

Brudepikene (which means “the bridesmaids” in Norwegian) started nearly 11 years ago after seeing how much stress friends had, trying to plan their own weddings. We have a background from the event and travel industry, and felt like we had the experience to assist couples in planning their weddings.

We help organize weddings in Norway, both for locals, but also international citizens who want a destination wedding here in Norway. It is also an increasing trend that Norwegians want destinations weddings abroad, especially in sunny countries in the south of Europe. We can do anything from organizing the whole wedding day from a to z, to only doing the decorations. In 2013 we also opened our own store with bridal wear and accessories, so the business is always evolving.

In which countries do you organize weddings?

We organize weddings in many countries. Our most popular countries, besides Norway, are Italy, Spain, Croatia, Greece and Thailand.

How did you get to know Absolutely Gorgeous BCN / STHLM and tell us a bit out the collaboration?

Barcelona is by far our most popular wedding destination in Spain, and we were excited when we heard a rumour some years ago that there was a Swedish hairdresser and make-up artist in the city. After some searching we found Catrin and Absolutely Gorgeous. We’re so happy with the collaboration that Catrin and her team are always our first choice for hairdressers and make-up artists in Barcelona, and has been for several years.

How does Absolutely Gorgeous BCN/STHLM differ from other wedding make-up and hair stylists?

It’s not always easy to find professionals in other countries that are really good at what they do, and know what looks the Scandinavian brides want on their wedding day. Since our couples are mostly Norwegian, and rarely speak Spanish/Catalan, we also need professionals that speak English or a Scandinavian language well. In Absolutely Gorgeous we found the perfect match. We always get quick replies, excellent service, and most importantly: our clients are always very happy!

We at Absolutely Gorgeous are also very pleased with our collaboration with Brudepikene. Thanks to them we’ve styled some lovely brides from Norway, and wishing do to lots more 🙂

Happy Summer everyone!

Catrin Söderdahl, Hair & Make-up Artist Barcelona & Stockholm