Wedding in Barcelona

A Spanish influenced wedding hair do

I had a busy summer, but oh did I love it. Since the wedding season hasn’t really started yet, I have had some time to go through all the lovely photos and the feedback I have received from the various brides that I have helped. Today, I wanted to share the story about Miori and Matt and their wedding celebration in Barcelona.

Miori and Matt is a couple that lives in New York but decided to get married in Barcelona. They wanted something small but special. So they decided to have the wedding ceremony on their room terrace at the Miramar hotel in Barcelona, overlooking the city of Barcelona.

Miori is dark and has origins from Japan and I decided to go for a Spanish style wedding hair do. I did a natural make-up and put on false eye lashes to make her beautiful eyes stand out even more.

”Catrin was simply fantastic all around. It was a pleasure to meet such a talented and great person. Her style is unique and elegant. She did a…” To see the complete testimonial, click here.

Miori & Matt’s wedding was organized by the wedding planner Barcelona Wedding and it was a very calm and beautiful wedding ceremony but at the same time different than any other wedding that I have been to, since this time they were no guests around.

Don’t they say that sometimes the simpliest thing is the most beautiful thing?

Catrin Söderdahl,
Hair & Make-up Artist, Barcelona

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