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5 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Hair & Skin

Christmas is around the corner and it is time to go Christmas shopping. That is why, I’ve decided to dedicate this post to 5 Christmas gift ideas for hair & skin products that are good for you especially now in the winter.

1. Argan oil, rich in vitamin E

When I got a bottle of Argan oil, from one of my clients, my first thought was that this oil would be too greasy for my skin and not do well. But I was so wrong. The Argan Oil, which is 100% natural made of organic oil, does not leave your skin oily at all and it feels great. Actually, now I cannot live without it! The Argan Oil has lots of vitamin E and an interesting detail is that the Berber women in the south of Morocco use it as a beauty and anti ageing agent for their skin, body and hair.

2. Bare minerals starter kit to look tanned also in winter

The Bare Minerals Kit is another “must-have” product. For example, the make-up powder feels great on your skin and it is totally natural. It is easy to use and gives a very natural look. Bare minerals offers a start kit that includes everything you need, brushes, foundation and including a video with instructions on how to apply the make-up. I am especially a great fan of the terracotta sun powder that gives you a sun-tanned glow also during the winter.

3. For hair care: Bed Head’s ”Dumb Blonde” hair mask.

This hair mask from Bed Head is obviously not only for blond hair and it is not only a hair mask, it can be used as a conditioner as well. The “Dumb Blonde” is a great moisturizer without making your hair heavy. You could for example, leave it in for just 10 minutes about once a week and your hair will feel lovely and soft. Extra plus it smells really nice! For more info:

4. A low-budget but a great and multi-use gift – Vaseline for soft lips and soft hands

Vaseline is another of my “must haves” and I always carry it with me. I cannot live without Vaseline, especially in the winter since I hate having dry lips. I also use it on my hands or feet when they are really dry. Put it on just before going to bed and leave it on over night. It is a cheap beauty treatment trick that works great. Find out more:

5. Safe card gift: Luxury ”Body butter” from Body Shop

You might have heard already about the Body Butters from Body Shop. There are lots of tempting scents such as Coconut, Papaya, Sweet Lemon, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Strawberry, and Vanilla etc. The body butter works for different skin types and leaves your skin very soft. It moisturizes your body for 24 hours and the butter absorbs easily.  This is a great Christmas gift and you cannot go wrong with this option. See more:

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P.S My personal favourite is papaya

Happy Healthy X-mas Shopping!

Catrin Söderdahl, Hair & Make-up Artist Barcelona

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