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4 useful hair tips for a healthy & shiny hair during summer

It’s always important to take care of your hair, especially in the summer, when you are exposed a lot to the sun. Dry and brittle hair looks unhealthy and makes it a lot harder to style as well. Here are 4 useful tips on how to take care of your hair during the summer:

1. Have a trim to get rid of split ends every 6-8 weeks

2. Wear a hat or at least cover your hair while sunbathing on the beach

3. Drink more water to help moisturize both your hair and skin

4. Use good moisturizing products for your hair

I have two “favourites” when it comes to good moisturizing products. I can highly recommend K-pak Smooting Balm from Joico. It’s a leave- in conditioner with keratin silicon complex. It protects your hair from heat, conditions, eliminates frizz and also works as a heat activated straightning balm. In the summer you can use a leave in conditioner after every time you washed your hair.
The other moisturizing product I really can recommend is a great hair mask; “All Soft Heave Cream” super treatment from Redken. It moisturizes your hair to the maximum and leaves it soft, shiny and much more manageable, love it!

Enjoy the summer that’s left!

Catrin Söderdahl

Professional Hair & Make-Up Artist

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