Hair flowers what to think about, an interview with Melody Flowers

Flowers and weddings go hand in hand, and many brides are asking for hair flowers to go with their bridal hairstyle. I have always thought that incorporating flowers in the hairstyle looks really pretty. They can help give the style a lift and and add an air of romance.



To help you to know what to consider when choosing flowers for your bridal hairstyle, I thought I’ll ask the very talented florist Viktoria Falen who is a partner at Melody Flowers in Stockholm.

Are you seeing an increase in brides who would like to have flowers in their hair for their wedding?

Yes, absolutely! More and more brides are asking for flowers in their hair as an extra detail and to complete the look at the wedding. I think we find inspiration from other countries where flowers in the hair is more usual than unusual. Its a trend we see on social media and different wedding magazines and we love it!

Can the flower be made to fit in the hairstyle?

Of course! We look at the hairstyle and consult with the hairstylist about what will look best , taking into consideration style, colour, make-up and hair type. I work with the look as a whole and will adjust the flowers there after. The flowers should both suit you individually and add an extra detail to the bridal look.



Which flowers would you recommend / don’t recommend to wear in your hair for a wedding?

Practically all flowers can be used depending on your style and the rest of the look. What is most important to me is a personal style that is connected all through the wedding. It could be a colour or a specific flower. If you want small flowers I recommend Miniature roses, Baby’s breath or peonies. To make them last throughout the day a nice idea could be to make flower jewellery such as a tiara, a crown or perhaps a hair comb. We can make the flowers to fit your style.

Why do you think a bride should choose real flowers in their hair instead of fake flowers?

Today we are aiming for a look that reflects that extra something, we want to stand out and at the same time be fashionable. The feeling we want right now is a summer field of blooming flowers. Its natural and beautiful and gives that special detail many are looking for. I think real flowers gives a more natural and alive impression, where fake flowers don’t give the same feeling or impression.


I hope this gave you some inspiration and tips, please let us know if you have any questions or would like to book a consultation.

Best wedding regards,

Catrin Söderdahl, Hair and makeup artist, Absolutely Gorgeous BCN/STHLM
Veronika Falen, Melody Flowers, Roslagsgatan 25, Stockholm, Phone : +468156464,

Wedding lips

I’ve already in previous blog posts written about wedding eyes and eyebrows, now lets focus on the lips!

Beautiful lips are essential for a bride, and it is a very important part of the bridal makeup. You can choose from a wide range of  lip products such as matte, sheer, shimmery, glossy and creamy lipsticks.

Firstly its really important to take care of your lips as, they are very sensitive and tend to dry out easily. I always tell my brides to moisturize their lips even more the week before the wedding as cracked lips are not very nice on your wedding day and the lipstick goes on unevenly.

Secondly, always remember to use sunscreen for the lips when you are out in the sun!

My favorite moisturizing lip product at the moment is Lip care mix from Makeup Store.

Try using a combination of three lip caring products – peeling, mask and lip balm. The green crème is a mild peeling. The white creme is a softening mask that can be used during both night and day. The white creme can also be used as a remover for lipstick. The pink creme is a lip balm that can be used everyday.

So which colour should you go for on your wedding day? Most brides prefer a neutral shade like pink, nude, beige pink or rosy brown. If you go for a soft eye makeup it looks pretty to have a stronger lip colour on most women. The best way is to try out different shades on the day of your trial and decide from there which one you like the most. One good thing to remember is that small lips look bigger in softer glossy colours where bigger lips tend to look better with a darker shade with a matte texture.

Here are 3 great ways make your lip colour last longer on your wedding day:

  • You can use a lip primer before applying the color (I like lip insurance by too faced)
  • Line your lip with a lip pencil before or after applying the lipstick.
  • Another great tip is to apply the lipstick 3 times and after each time you bite off the colour on a piece of tissue paper and after the last time divide the paper in 2 so you end up with a thin layer of paper, hold it over your lips and gently powder with a loose powder on the paper over your lips.

Photo :

Hope you found this helpful, keep enjoying the summer and I ll see you in my next blog post!

Catrin Söderdahl, Hair and Makeup artist, Absolutely Gorgeous BCN/STHLM