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How to make your make up last during hot and humid summer days

For those of you who live in Barcelona, you know that it can get very humid here in summer and for those who aren’t from here, get prepared and take note :). When I first arrived, the humidity during the summer days, was also new to me so today I want to share a 3 tips about how to make your make up stay during a hot summer day and recommend the products I use.

1.Light moisturizer

Choose a very light oil free moisturizer, and if you have oily skin do not put anything over the spots on your face where you mostly get oily, usually forehead, nose and chin.
I can recommend Total Mat from Vichy,  it makes your skin hydrated without the oilyness.

2. Primer
To get your make-up stay in place during hot summer days, use a primer to make both your foundation last longer and to make your eye shadow stay on during the hole day and night. My favourite primer under the foundation is Prep and Prime from Mac and under the eye shadow  Shadow Insurance from Too Faced. I use theese for make up during hot summer days and also when I do weddings.

3. Water proof mascara

I really recommend water proof mascara, it is great for going to the beach, when you are sweating and also when you get emotinal at a wedding ;). I really like and recommend Canonball ultra waterproof mascara, from Urban Decay. It will stay on until you remove it with eye make up remover.

Then to sum up a few general tips:

Use light oil free products and not use too much powder, since it will only build up layers on your skin. Remember also to look for products with sun factor to protect your skin. For example, tinted lip balms with sun factor are much lighter and more comfortable in summer than lip stick. You should also avoid darker make up in summer, because it can give you a “heavy look” and therefore it is much better to use more colours as soft pinks, coral and pastels.

For more tips and any questions regarding hair and make-up please do not hesitate to contact us.

Have a lovely summer!

Catrin Söderdahl, Professional Hair & Make Up Artist, Barcelona

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