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How Hair & Make Up Styling in Barcelona for the Mobile World Congress lead to helping women entrepreneurs in developing countries

The Internet is a powerful tool. Thanks to my website, Cherie Blair contracted my services for professional hair and make up  for her presentations at the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona.

Whilst working with Mrs Blair during her stay in Barcelona, I found out about the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women which she had founded. The Mobile World Congress was one of her chosen platforms to present her foundation and explain it’s objective of helping women entrepreneurs in developing countries. Or in her own words…. “We invest in women entrepreneurs so they can build and expand their businesses and – in doing so – benefit not only themselves but also their families and communities.”

Mrs Blair also gave me details of their mentoring programme and the fact that there are so many women out there, dreaming of doing what I do, but without  our help, will not be able to make their dreams come true.  It made me realise that I am very fortunate as I love doing what I do so why not help other women, a lot less fortunate than myself, achieve their dreams, goals and amibitions by sharing my experiences with them to offer some inspiration, support and motivation.

The “Mentoring Women in Business Programme” matches women entrepreneurs in developing and emerging countries with mentors worldwide.  The programme lasts for 12 months and revolves around twice-monthly online meetings (using Google technology).  Since I really liked the programme and I really wanted to help, I applied directly after my meeting with Mrs Blair to become a mentor. I’ve now been accepted into the programme and am looking forward to the exciting, interesting and, for sure, rewarding adventure in front of me which I’ll be blogging about as I go along.

If you are interested in finding out about the progamme, and would possibly be interested in becoming a mentor, please visit:

You can also watch a video about the Mentoring Women in Business programme by clicking here.

Have a wonderful day!

Catrin Söderdahl, Professional Hair & Make-up Artist, Barcelona

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