Russian couple getting married on the beach in Sitges, close to Barcelona

The Absolutely Gorgeous BCN team did the hair and make up for a beach wedding outside of Barcelona.  The Russian couple, Julia & David currently living in Germany, got married on the beach in Sitges, a lovely town just outside of Barcelona. After that the ceremony had been held on the beach and the wedding party continued at Vila Almiral de la Font.

Catrin Söderdahl from the Absolutely Gorgeous BCN team did the hair and make up for both the bride Julia and her bridesmaid. Julia is a former ballet dancer and a model. She wanted all her hair putting up and to emphasize her eyes for the make up.

The wedding was organized by Barcelona Wedding. To see more about the wedding, both from the ceremony on the beach and from the wedding party, click here.

All images are by photgrapher Neli Prahova

Another beautiful wedding at La Baronia

Many brides choose to get married at venue La Baronia and I can really see why. I must say its one of my favorite wedding venues as well.

In this blog post I will tell you about my experience with Kerry, another gorgeous bride who chose to get married at La Baronia.

I got in touch with Kerry through Photographer Edwin Vandevyver as Kerry was looking for a hairstylist for her wedding. Kerry is currently living in Germany with her french boyfriend Eric but they chose to get married in Barcelona as Kerry had lived here a few years ago and they both love Barcelona.

Kerry was very organized and sent me pictures of hairstyles that both herself and the bridesmaids wanted, months before the wedding.

When I met Kerry for her trial she was thinking of wearing her hair in a “half up half down” hairstyle. The dress still wasn’t ready at this time but we both thought it would look nice with this hairstyle. When Kerry closer to the wedding saw the finished dress she thought it would look nicer to wear all her hair up. She sent me a picture of her dress and I agreed that it would look even nicer to wear it up.

On the day, I first set her hair on hot rollers to get extra volume and looseness. I then used curling tongs around the front for extra curl around the face.

The result was very nice and I think it complemented Kerry’s wedding dress perfectly.

“Thanks to Catrin for her calm and patient presence on our wedding day! She did such a great job to make me and my bridesmaids look wonderful! Despite changing my mind completely on the hairstyle I wanted after the trial run, she wasn’t fazed and spontaneously created a beautiful hairstyle on the day that I felt represented me perfectly. I didn’t even know exactly what I wanted but somehow she did! I couldn’t have asked for a nicer experience or a better look, it was just right! Thank you Catrin!”

To see all the stunning pictures from Kerry and Erics wedding taken by Edwin Vandevyver click here.

I wish all the best to Kerry and Eric!

Catrin Soderdahl,

Professional Hair and Make up artist, Barcelona/Stockholm

Wedding Inspiration and my 3-top Wedding Magazines

To get my inspiration and ideas for innovation for wedding hair and make-up styling, I read a lot of different wedding blogs but I do also like the traditional wedding paper magazine.
In this blog post I will give you my three-top wedding magazines that I am very fond of.

Everytime I go to the UK, I buy the magazine Wedding Ideas. As the title speak for itself, this magazine is full of wedding ideas and gives me a lot inspiration and ideas about different wedding styles for both hair and make-up. Are you looking for concrete wedding tips? Then you should check out  their nice blog– find out more

Another wedding magazine which I really like is the leading Nordic Wedding Magazine Bröllops Magasinet. This magazine is full of wedding tips and tricks and it can be found in all Nordic languages (Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Finnish). If you visit their online magazine version, I highly recommend their web TV with practical wedding tips.

My third recommendation for wedding reading is the US wedding Magazine The Knot. Their section “Wedding Planning” is really complete and they have a lot of beautiful images and videos for pure wedding inspiration.

Do you have any favourite wedding reading and wedding magazine you would like to share with us? Please comment on the post or send us an e-mail to

Have an inspiring spring!
Catrin Söderdahl,
Hair & Make-up Artist, Barcelona

Beautiful ancient wedding venues close to Barcelona

In a previous blog post I wrote about three excellent wedding venues for getting married in Barcelona and its surroundings; Hotel Miramar, El Munt and El Convent. During this summer and early-autumn wedding season, I have discovered two more wedding venues that I would like to share with you; La Baronia and La Torre dels Lleons.

Outstanding view overlooking a small Catalan town

La Baronia is situated up on a hill, close to the village Sant Feliu de Codines, about 45km from the very centre of Barcelona.  La Baronia has been built in a modernist style on top of an old farmhouse, tracing back to the sixteenth century. The venue is surrounded by nature and is an excellent venue for celebrating the wedding both inside as outside. La Baronia has an outstanding view over the small Sant Feliu de Codines village, valleys of Vallès Oriental and the skyline of Barcelona.

To learn more about La Baronia, visit the website:

A typical Catalan “Masía” with lots of history

My second recommendation for a wedding venue close to Barcelona is called La Torre dels Lleons, which means the Mansion of the Lions in Catalan. This beautiful wedding venue is located only 8 km from the centre of Barcelona and 12 km from the airport and has a very interesting history. La Torre dels Lleons, as it is today, was built in the 19th Century on the ruins of the Picalqués castle in Espluegues (Barcelona) but the origins of the place traces way back all the way to the 2nd Century AD. There are for example two headstones with Roman epigraphs that can still be seen by the staircase, at the bottom of the patio access.

To read more about the history and the venue itself click here for visiting their web.

Catrin Söderadahl, Wedding Hair & Make-Up Artist, Barcelona

Wedding venues in Barcelona and surroundings

Are you making plans to get married soon but unsure on the location? Perhaps is Barcelona high on your list as your wedding city? In this post Ill be giving you a couple of my favorite venues both in the city itself and in the beautiful surrounding countryside, all of which I have worked with various brides as a hair and make up stylist on their big day.

Best for city views

Absolutely Gorgeous BCN recommends hotel Miramar Barcelona

First on the list is the hotel Miramar, located on Montjuic one of the highest points in bcn. this hotel has amazing views of both the city and the sea and is one of the most beautiful and calmest parts of the city.
This place is very convenient since it is actually in Barcelona but still seems far away from the stressful city center.

Contact details and for more information:

Hotel Miramar
Pl. Carlos Ibañez, 3
08038 Barcelona
Tel.: (+034) 932 811 600

A typical Catalan rustic wedding venue on the country side

The second wedding venue place I can recommend, is called El Munt, and it is located only 40km outside of Barcelona, in a small calm town called Castellterçol. The venue place is a typical rustic Catalan house with a lovely garden that also has a pool. Perfect for a lovely countryside wedding.

Contact details and for more information:

El Munt
Carrer Major, 31
08693 Casserres
Tel: +34 938234 082

Unforgettable wedding by the Medditerreanean sea

Last but not least, which is also one of my personal favourites wedding venues en Catalonia is called El Convent. El Convent was built in 1583 and is located on 70km outside of Barcelona in Blancs, located on the Costa Brava. This beautiful historical building is open to the Mediterrean Sea surrounded with lovely typical Costa Brava garden with aromatic plants and old pines and has an impressive view of the coast.

Contact details and for more information:

El Convent
C/ Carles Faust 4
1700 Blanes (Girona)
GPS: +41º 40′ 30.92″ N, +2º 48′ 7.24″ E
Tel.: +34 972 357 345

Wedding Organization & Corporate Event Organization
Irene Biosca
Mov: +34 617 12 80 12