My own wedding story

In today’s post I would like to share with you my own wedding story!

After doing hair and makeup for lots of brides from all over the world, it was my turn to become a bride 🙂
I knew already I wanted a 1950s inspired shorter wedding dress, and one day my lovely mum found it for me! When I tried it on it was just perfect!

Once I had the dress I started to think about which hairstyles and what makeup would suit it the best.
The hairstyle I was after was something loose and romantic with curls. I searched the internet and found a few nice pictures that I liked.
I then had a trial with myself! I tried 2 different hairstyles and took photos of them. I liked both but I decided on one of them that I liked the most. With my makeup I tried one eye with a soft pink eyeshadow and the other with a soft purple eyeshadow. I decided the pink eyeshadow looked better.

I always recommend my brides to do a trial before the wedding day, it takes away so much stress on the big day I f you already know and have tried out beforehand what you are going to do.

I chose to do my own hair and makeup. Now even though I knew what I was doing and have done it at least a 100 times, I wouldn’t recommend anyone doing this! Looking back, it would have been so much nicer to relax with a glass of champagne and let anyone of my great, skillful colleagues help me instead, but oh well.

We were so greatful and happy that our dear friend and excellent photographer Oliver Hinds took our photos on the day. We are so pleased with the photos, having nice memorable photos from your wedding day is so important, as you will look at them for the rest of your life!

To see more of Oliver Hinds photos please click here.

It was so far the happiest day of my life, you really have something beautiful to look forward to if you decide to get married!

Hope you have a lovely start to spring, and I’ll see you in my next blog post!

Catrin Söderdahl, Professional hair and makeup artist for Absolutely Gorgeous BCN/STHLM

All photos taken by Oliver Hinds

Wedding eyes – inspiration wedding make up

I think one of the most important things is to have beautiful eyes for your wedding. It will express your style even more romantic, exotic, sexy or classic. It’s really amazing what make up can do.  For example, with wedding make up you can make small eyes look bigger, change the shape of the eyes or make your eye colour stand out more.

What colour should I use?

Many women find it difficult to know what colours to choose for their wedding make up. The best way to make your eyes stand out, is to choose the contrast color of your eye colour. For blue eyes, different shades of brown, golden and silver colours and beige are very pretty. For green eyes I would recommend shades of pink, purple and rusty tones. Try it, it looks really nice. Then again, for brown eyes I must say almost every colour works. You can mix and match the colours as much as you want, personally I usually use at least 3 colours together.  One lighter colour, one mid tone and one darker tone for contrast and conturing the eye.

As you see, there are lots of colours that matches for you wedding and that’s another good reason to always do a trial before your wedding day to try what color scales will suit you best and moreover what you feel most comfortable in.

Glitter or matte for your wedding?

Often I get the question if one should use glitter or matte colours for the wedding make up. I would say for the photos, matte looks best but adding a little sparkle. Too much glitter can reflect too much from the flash. Something I use on almost every bride is false eylashes it makes the eyes stand out even more and goes so well with any wedding style and for the photos it looks amazing! You can either have full strip lashes (there are lots of different varieties) or you can use individual lashes that usually is just being applied on the outer corners of the eye. For example, if you have round eyes and want more of an almond shape, or if you are after a vintage look these lashes looks the best.

Do you want to know more about wedding make up or make up in general?  Want to do a trial to find out the colours that suit you the best? For a consultation please do not hesitate to contact us here.

Catrin Söderdahl, Hair & Make Up Artist Barcelona | Stockholm