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Hair flowers what to think about, an interview with Melody Flowers

Flowers and weddings go hand in hand, and many brides are asking for hair flowers to go with their bridal hairstyle. I have always thought that incorporating flowers in the hairstyle looks really pretty. They can help give the style a lift and and add an air of romance.



To help you to know what to consider when choosing flowers for your bridal hairstyle, I thought I’ll ask the very talented florist Viktoria Falen who is a partner at Melody Flowers in Stockholm.

Are you seeing an increase in brides who would like to have flowers in their hair for their wedding?

Yes, absolutely! More and more brides are asking for flowers in their hair as an extra detail and to complete the look at the wedding. I think we find inspiration from other countries where flowers in the hair is more usual than unusual. Its a trend we see on social media and different wedding magazines and we love it!

Can the flower be made to fit in the hairstyle?

Of course! We look at the hairstyle and consult with the hairstylist about what will look best , taking into consideration style, colour, make-up and hair type. I work with the look as a whole and will adjust the flowers there after. The flowers should both suit you individually and add an extra detail to the bridal look.



Which flowers would you recommend / don’t recommend to wear in your hair for a wedding?

Practically all flowers can be used depending on your style and the rest of the look. What is most important to me is a personal style that is connected all through the wedding. It could be a colour or a specific flower. If you want small flowers I recommend Miniature roses, Baby’s breath or peonies. To make them last throughout the day a nice idea could be to make flower jewellery such as a tiara, a crown or perhaps a hair comb. We can make the flowers to fit your style.

Why do you think a bride should choose real flowers in their hair instead of fake flowers?

Today we are aiming for a look that reflects that extra something, we want to stand out and at the same time be fashionable. The feeling we want right now is a summer field of blooming flowers. Its natural and beautiful and gives that special detail many are looking for. I think real flowers gives a more natural and alive impression, where fake flowers don’t give the same feeling or impression.


I hope this gave you some inspiration and tips, please let us know if you have any questions or would like to book a consultation.

Best wedding regards,

Catrin Söderdahl, Hair and makeup artist, Absolutely Gorgeous BCN/STHLM
Veronika Falen, Melody Flowers, Roslagsgatan 25, Stockholm, Phone : +468156464,

Wedding in Barcelona

Bridal hair and makeup consultation, what to expect.

Im so excited that bridal season has started! Many brides have already booked their hair and makeup consultation for their upcoming wedding, and in this blogpost I wanted to share with you what happens during our meeting.


Foto :

The reason why meeting for a consultation before the wedding day is important both for the bride and the stylist, is to make things run a lot smoother on the wedding day. Its a day when you should be happy and excited and focus on your big day, and just sit back and relax while having your hair and makeup done.

Its great if you can share your ideas for the wedding. Is it a beach wedding? formal/casual? Or perhaps a special theme wedding, whatever you decide the first thing I recommend before meeting for the consultation is that you know which wedding dress you will be wearing, that way we can create a beautiful style that goes well with the dress. I also always recommend to look for hair/makeup inspiration images that you can send beforehand to your stylist, just to get an idea what kind of style you like.


(Norwegian bride getting married in Barcelona, hair and makeup by Catrin)

A consultation takes about 2 hours and  its great if you bring with you any accessories you will be wearing. Then after discussing what I mentioned in the text above, we start trying out which hair/makeup style that will look the best on you. Sometimes it feels right straight away and sometimes you need to try different options first. Its important that you give your honest opinion, as during the consultation we have time to try different options -but not so much on the wedding day 😉

Another thing to keep in mind is that it might feel a bit strange to have a bridal hairstyle and makeup when you are in your normal clothes, when the wedding dress and accessories are in place, it will feel totally different.

Absolutely Gorgeous BCN - wedding hair styling

If you have any questions or would like to book a consultation, we are looking forward hearing from you!

Best wedding regards,

Catrin Söderdahl, Hair and makeup artist, Absolutely Gorgeous BCN/STHLM

Make up, Make-up Tips

5 Useful makeup tips before your wedding

Makeup is something amazing, you can for example transform, beautify, hide, conceal, cover and bring out whatever you want in your face. Makeup for your wedding is a very important part, its purpose is to make you look like a more beautiful version of yourself. Even if you never wear makeup I think every bride should use a little bit to enhance their beauty and to match the choice of the dress and hairstyle, also for the photos it does look a lot better, remember they’re photos you’ll be looking at for the rest of your life 🙂

Here are 5 great tips when  considering  your wedding makeup.

1, Hire a professional to do your makeup – You might be great at doing your own  makeup, but when your wedding day arrives, Its really nice to sit down and relax with perhaps a glass of champagne instead of being stressed and worrying your makeup is going to be perfect. Also a professional has the products to insure that your makeup lasts all day and night, she/he  also has the experience to know what will suit best with your hairstyle and dress for the big day. Make sure to book a consultation 1 month or closer to the wedding date to match the skin tone you will likely have at your wedding. If you have a certain makeup style in mind its great to bring along a picture for your makeup stylist.

2,Get your lashes tinted and brows tinted and shaped 1 week before your wedding – Doing this means you don’t need as much mascara on your wedding day, and especially important is to have nice eyebrows as they really frame your face. Its never a good idea to pluck your eyebrows on your wedding day as it might irritate the skin and make it red. If you find it hard to know what shape will suit you best, let a professional help you.

3, Try not to stress and keep hydrated – Lack of sleep and stress including not drinking enough water shows immediately on your skin. Its great if you can avoid this as much as you can before the wedding day.

4, Do a face peeling a couple of days before the wedding day – This will help the skin looking extra smooth and glowing. You can make your own peeling by mixing a nice olive or almond oil with sugar  and gently massage it over your face and neck.

5, Consider wearing fake lashes – I use false lashes on 99% of my brides and they have all been really happy with the result. It really makes your eyes “pop” and they’re great for photos, you can either go for the full strip ones or just a few individual ones. Definitely try it out at your makeup consultation.

I hope you find these tips useful, if you have any questions or would like to book a consultation, please don’t hesitate to contact us on

Catrin Söderdahl, Hair and Makeup artist, Absolutely Gorgeous BCN/STHLM


Inspiration from London Salon International 2014

I just got back from London, where I went for the second year running to  Salon International, which is held every year in October and where all the big names in the industry gather together to give you the latest hair trends and inspiration.

I spent most of my time at the Babyliss section where the very talented Patrick Cameron showed the latest within hair ups. To sum up what I saw, I would say:

  • Volume, inspired by the hairstyles from the 60’s,
  • Big hair, loads and loads of back combing!
  • Braids, but not as neat as before , now with more texture. I saw they worked a lot with fishtail braids and with rope braids.
  • Texture, different kinds of textures in the same hairstyle

Here are some inpirational photos I took during the day.

So lets see if any of these hairstyle will be incorporate into next years wedding hair 🙂

I always shop for new makeup products while Im in the UK as I love the fact that everything I want is there. In my next blog post I will tell you about which are my 4 favorite makeup products at the moment. See you next time!

Catrin Söderdahl, Hair and makeup artist Absolutely Gorgeous BCN/STHLM

wedding, Wedding in Stockholm

One of the weddings from summer 2014 at beautiful Häringe Slott, Stockholm

Last weekend’s wedding was our last booked wedding of the season for 2014 in Stockholm. I’m so grateful for all the lovely brides I had the pleasure to work with this year so i thought I would share a few of them from this year with you in my upcoming blogposts.

The first wedding I would like to share with you is Clara and Joakims wedding at Häringe Slott just South of Stockholm.

Foto: Härninge Slott

I met Clara through my collaborating wedding planner Wedding In Sweden. Clara and I first met for a trial run to decide which hair and makeup style she wanted to go for on her wedding day. She had beforehand sent me a few images of hairstyles that she liked and also a photo of her dress so that everything would come together beautifully. Clara told me she loved braids and that she wanted to incorporate that into the hairstyle somehow and also that she wanted to to have all her hair up.

We tried some different hairstyle types and finally decided on a low bun with a french braid lying on top of the bun. As for makeup Clara wanted a nice natural makeup with the focus on her eyes. I used the shade Vex from Mac as a lid colour (my favourite for brides!) and different shades from the palette Butt naked eyes by Nyx. I also did hair and makeup for Claras lovely bridesmaid and hair for her gorgeous daughter both of them also got braids incorporated into their hairstyles to match Clara. It was a lovely happy wedding day and everything went really well, to read Clara’s comment about my work, please go to the testimonial page. The photographer at the wedding was Daniel Gual, below are a few of his photos from Clara’s wedding day. To see more of Daniel Gual’s work please click here.

Foton: Daniel Gual,

In a few days I’m going to London to Salon international to find out the latest of what’s happening within the industry. I’ll keep you updated in my next blogpost!

Catrin Söderdahl, Absolutely Gorgeous BCN/STHLM hair and makeup for weddings and other events in Stockholm and Barcelona.